Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Simple Phone Launcher (launch FaceTime,Mail,etc.)"

"Simple Phone Launcher" is Free application for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

This app is simple & lightweight launcher for FaceTime, SMS/MMS, Mail and Phone. It looks like Web Form.
You can take Shortcut or remember temporary phone number, memo, email address, email subject and N11 code by using this.

This is Free app! Please download it in App Store.→Go to App Store

*Another App "Simple Launcher"(Free) is launcher for Safari,Mail,Maps and Search engines.



-Launch Mail, SMS/MMS(for iPhone), FaceTime(for iPhone4, iPod touch 4th G & iPad2) and Phone(for iPhone).
-When you launch those apps or tap "SAVE" Button, this app remembers Last Edit.

-[To/ Cc/ Bcc] for Email

●Country Calling Codes (Link)
-Link web app "Country Calling Codes"
(Push app's upper right "ActionButton")

●N11 code List
-special abbreviated dialing telephone number within the North American Numbering Plan

●Favorites & Recents
-When you launch those apps, this app adds Last Edit to the "Recents" list.
-You can add the word save the letters to the "Favorites" list by tapping the "Star" button.
*Recents save the last 4 items, and you can save up to 4 items in the Favorites list.

●Send Input Values
-Email the letters you input, Favorites or Recents.
(Push app's upper right "ActionButton")

*Support URL :

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